Mada Mada Dane~

My chemistry teacher: "You still have a ways to go"

The first thing to come to my mind... well, yeah. I almost burst out saying "MADA MADA DANE!!!" but I had to hold it in.

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Tenimyu Family by benane
Name or Username
FatherAiba Hiroki
MotherAoyagi Ruito
Younger BrotherDate Koji
Big BrotherGomoto Naoya
Younger SisterGomoto Naoya
Big SisterAraki Hirofumi
Grand-MotherTomo Yanagashita
Grand-FatherKaji Masaki
BoyfriendKaji Masaki
PetSakurada Doori
Best FriendTsuchiya Yuuichi
Nao-chan is both my brother and sister and Kaji is both my grandpa and boyfriend xD
Tuti is my best friend!
who on the tenimyu will cook you dinner tonight ? by camilasakuragi
LJ Name
Favourite Food
Your match is :Yuu Shirota ( Tezuka )
He will cook youOnigiri
And then you will :Dance tango
I can totally imagine this happening lol. We would have so much fun dancing the tango and eating onigiri! (I wish...)
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Apple Picking Fun

Yes, I went apple picking today. Good thing it wasn't too hot otherwise I would've died sweating. I climbed a lot of trees, jumped for fat apples, stepped on rotton apples (and almost fell about 50 times), got beat by falling apples, and finally, bought a pack of Razzles at the candy store. What a good day. We got home earlier than I thought so I still had time to work on my essay. I'm still distracted so that's why I'm writing in my LJ. 

Fact: Procrastination creates the best essays.

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3 Day Weekend Yo!

Well for me it's not really a very well spent weekend because:

1) I had orchestra rehearsal from 9 am to 2:30 pm on Saturday
2) My lovely English teacher assigned an "easy" abstract essay and 7 chapters of analyzing notes
3) I'm going apple picking basically all day (I personally have nothing against picking apples, but all day? When I have a weekend's worth of homework? n conclusion, this 3 day weekend is only good for giving me an extra day of doing my homework.

In other news, the 4th cast of tenimyu was announced! Looking pretty good. The new Ryoma is so young! They just keep getting younger and younger. Still miss the 2nd cast though. Well, good luck 4th cast! Do your best!~
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